Information Literacy

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Do you know where to begin your research? Whatever your subject or research need, we have a guide to help you navigate the resources available through City U Library.

We provide the Information Literacy Classes  to those are interested to learned more about :

    • Library Overview
      • About General Library Information such as Library Collection, Rules and regulation, Services, Facilities, Borrowing and returning, Fines and etc
    • Online Databases
      • On how to access the Library Catalogue, Emerald Insight, Ebrary Proquest, National Library Databases. 
    • Searching Techniques (upon request via email)
      • How to use Boolean Operator and others seraching techniques to find your correct topic
    • Referencing Guide (upon request via email)
      • On how to cite using MLA, APA citation guide
    • Research Methods (upon request via email)
      • On how to find your topic for your papers thesis, dissertation

Kindly fill up the form to book for Information Literacy Classes.